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“It’s almost as bad as Comic Sans…”
September 11, 2009, 9:51 pm
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HOLY HELL, BATMAN. Yes, this is an actual editorial that is in Vogue Paris for September. It isn’t photoshopped. THE HORROR! If you haven’t already noticed, I’m referring to the atrocious font. Although, Sasha does make up for the poor choice in font… and colour. She looks bitchin’ in this editorial, but really? Bubble gum pink, in a font that’s named ‘Curlz’. Yes, with a ‘z’.

Typographers all over the world are currently crying themselves to sleep. I mean, how can such a font make it into the pages of Vogue Paris? Did Ms. Roitfeld have no say in any of this? I assure you, she would NOT have picked this font for an editorial. Currently learning about typography myself, I gasped at the sight of this abomination. I might be overreacting, but hell. This is Vogue Paris, for Lagerfeld’s sake.

photo via stylerookie


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My friend used that font on instant messenger in 7th grade; I feel like a sin has been committed! Vogue (esp. Paris) should know better!

Comment by edufracked

I concur. A cardinal sin, almost.

Comment by mrdebonaire

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